Welcome to Livin’ the Diva Vida!


Welcome and thank you for reading the Domestic Diva Lifestyle blog!! Diva, meaning successful woman! I do not advocate the finger snapping, demanding, eyeball rolling and sense of entitlement diva, okay? Hehe. Anyway, I hope you find the information and webisodes helpful and fun. My inspiration to start this blog started from my myriad of costly life lessons. When I purchased my home in 2006, I thought I was doing the right thing and setting a future filled with financial security and abundance. When the bubble burst in 2007 (the same year I graduated from college), my game plan to rent out my house and supplement my income while pursuing broadcast journalism in small markets was shattered. Joe, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) had his income slashed by the state, my income dropped, and we were upside down $200,000 on our home. I never thought we would be a statistic on the news, one of those people that were in an unfortunate situation because of their own decisions.

The whole process of purchasing my home was wrong in the first place. In a nutshell, we were bait and switched by the loan officer, our real estate agent underhandedly removed our rights as homebuyer by lying about the documents meaning, and the sellers neglected the pool and somehow blocked the home and termite inspection. It took everything in our capacity to tough it out. It strained our relationship and finances, but we managed to make this awful “thing”, aka house, into a home. We dumped our savings, our hearts and souls into making the fixer upper look good. A year later, it felt like it was all for not. I felt that I did not have any guidance, received poor advice, and was frustrated that our do-it-yourself projects had to be done over and over again… thus losing the “savings” we intended to keep. When I watched DIY shows, it wasn’t just one person doing the project, it was a team of people building and designing on a budget. It is not realistic. Nothing on TV or nobody could help me, but ME.

Flash-forward, we are still in our beautiful home, and I decided to pursue my career in Los Angeles. We restructured our loan to an appropriate payment and recently applied a new roof. Currently, we are planning to redo the kitchen and bathrooms! I am so proud of my home and what we have done in a short amount of time. Owning this home made me more budget conscious, taught me how to effectively use resources and execute DIY projects, and even gave me confidence. It is such an incredible feeling to over come these obstacles and then some. My husband and I managed to save and have dream wedding (paid in cash) and visited six countries since we bought the home. This brings me to where I am today, living the domestic diva lifestyle, while working, exercising, and feeling positive about myself.

This blog isn’t just about me or just for home DIY projects. This blog will teach others how to shop during sales effectively both online and in store, how to buy fresh produce and groceries for less, how to plan special events for less (but it will not look it), and more. This is going to be highly interactive. I want to hear from YOU! Email me your photos or videos of success stories! I will also select a blogger of the week. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can be a featured guest on my websiode! Do you know how to reupholster, distress furniture, clean up credit, possess career launching tips, know in home beauty secrets, create handmade invitations, create a custom frame, and have a killer in home gym,… etc? If you have the know how or ideas, I’d love to feature you on my webisodes/ tutorials. The goal is to teach you how to pass the trials and tribulations that most young people go through, and go directly to triumph!

This is a forum for greatness to come together and share ideas of how to enhance your lives, save money, empower, while looking and feeling fabulous! I’m excited about building a community that teaches and advocates taking action upon oneself to improve their own lives. Thanks for joining this ongoing journey to living the domestic diva life.