Deal and Lesson of the Day! NUDE SHOES 101!

Hello friends. Today is a special edition of of DDD (diva deal of the day). Because I was “moded” while shopping yesterday. Yes, I’m dating myself. ”Living Great Broke My Bank” because I was impatient. Check out the the scenario…

I went to Kohl’s yesterday and found some heels are decent replicas of the Steve Madden heels that I bought a few months ago. The Steve Maddens were double the cost of these Simply Vera Wang heels. The only difference is on the bottom of the shoe. It has contrast stitching and the platform isn’t completely covered. To me, the tiny difference is worth the savings. I told myself, “I’m going to blog about this and save my fans some money!” Plus, these shoes go with EVERYTHING! I think nude heels are a must have item and I thought I should share. (This picture is not flattering at all, see the other ones for a fair assessment). When I came home, I went to the Steve Madden website only to see this….

Oh! The original Steve Madden shoes are on sale?! I’m thinking, “I didn’t even know had sales. 30% off?! Wow! I should have waited to buy these heel…oh well.” Either way, it still is less expensive to buy the Simply Vera Wang heels. I personally like the pumps covered all the way down, like these ones. My last thought was to visit the site from which I originally bought my shoes… I blogged about their sale last week… so I figured they may have it at 20% off, if that… Low and behold….

Dude, REALLY?! Nordstrom’s have these amazingly hot shoes for 50% off right now? Are you kidding me?! The original shoes are less than the Simply Vera Wang heels. BUY THIS, not that!It is simple sexiness. Apparently, nude shoes have been a “must have” for a while now. Check out this Splurge Vs. Save (nude shoes edition) blog that I just found, it is from 2009! These beautiful heels are not trendy. They are like the “new black”. Once you have a pair of these, you will wonder how you went so long without them. They make any set of legs look aaah-mazing. Wear them with pants, shorts, jeans, jeggings, leggings, whatever! I don’t know what took me so long to get privy to nude heels. Seriously, now that I have them, I want to wear them all the time.

Although I could have filled up my car with gas (well maybe 75% filled up with gas) by waiting two months to purchase them, I couldn’t get them out of my head. I knew I had to get them. The overall moral of the story- before you make an intentional purchase, do a price comparison online first. Another way to save is to wait for products to go off season (I bought anti-gravity chairs at Kohl’s for $25 at the end of fall, they retail for $125 during spring and summer). Patience pays off! On the bright side, I can’t really cry over “losing” $44 over this purchase. It could have been worse…..

I could have paid $800 for these Christian Louboutin’s! So… I guess I’m still livin’ the Domestic Diva Lifestyle after all! Looking great didn’t break my bank! And that is how justify my purchase ladies and gentlemen. I am truly a wife now :) lol. I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment if you end up buying these shoes or if you already have some and love them!

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  1. says

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  2. Lena says

    I know its 2012 and all but your article was very entertaining 🙂 I think nude heels are STILL a statement. Some styles never go out of style.. for this me is one of them. I think you convinced me to go ahead and invest.

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