Wedding Invitation Trends and Ideas

This video will help you identify the trends and options that you have for your special event! Whether you are planning a 1st birthday, bridal shower or baby shower, this video will help you!

This week I’d like to focus on event planning. The grandest event of a lifetime, typically, is a WEDDING. Gosh, do I LOVE all things wedding. It is such a beautiful expression of love and celebration. The first impression of your celebration is with your invitation. Give your guests a taste of what is to come with your stationary choices. They will know if it is fun and casual or upscale and formal from these important little papers!

In the beginning stages of event planning, you will probably spend much of your time online. In my case, I spent too much time online. I didn’t realize that I was aimlessly searching for hours on end as a result of unsatisfactory ideas, themes and craftsmanship in the stationary. I’m sure that now, it is much easier to find, but at the time, some options were lacking. (To be specific, I was looking for contrast in the invitations). It was not until I went to a bridal show, that I saw the invitations of my dreams and had that tingly feeling. I didn’t know my options before, but when I saw my options in person, it was GAME ON!!

I will post more information about my personal experience soon. For now, get to know and explore your options! I hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave a comment if you have any vendors you would like to refer or links that helped you during your process.


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