My Purpose IS Domestic Diva Lifestyle

I’m very excited about my new hosting reel. This reel is an incredible triumph for me on a personal level. Since mid 2007 to 2010, I followed everyone’s advice on how to get a “break” in the industry. It pulled me in many directions, hence doing “some” hosting and following the hard news path (fearing that I would have to chase gigs as a host) when my heart always wanted hosting. Although I was dedicated and did well, I was not focused. By the end of 2010, I decided that I did not want to move away from my home in Los Angeles and decided to pursue hosting. I cast my fear away and decided to invest in MYSELF and not other people’s ideas.

I went to Marki Costello’s Become a Host and submerged myself in learning the hosting game. While doing “hard” news, I was told to not have opinions and to tone down my personality. I had become censored and lost my personality on camera. I learned that hosting is all about being yourself and being aware of the audience. Marki asked me, “If you were to write a book, what do you know enough of to write about?” This was actually a profound question to me. After a lot of deep digging and soul searching, I realized that what I was meant to do.

This is why I created This is what I am dedicated to since January 2011 to infinity! I scrapped all of my old video footage and started from scratch. However, all of the knowledge, talents, and practice that I learned during this time will only make me better for Domestic Diva Lifestyle. The brand is evolving and my dreams are getting BIGGER!

Please click on my reel and see where I am headed with this. Much love to my fans!!

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