Fall Fashion Favorites (Not Fads)!

Fall fashion is my favorite fashion! I love that it is cool enough to layer clothing, but not uncomfortably cold. Sometimes, I will shop trends. Most of the time I will shop for timeless staple pieces that I can layer. As you will see I love gray, black, and navy during the fall. I recommend buying mid to low priced trendy accessories and layering them over your all time favorites. I’m going to get animal print this fall though, I will bend for that trend! Anyway, here is my list of must have, versatile, and everlasting fall fashion.

Pea coat- Seriously, there is nothing better than slipping into a pea coat, throwing a scarf over it and looking fabulous. You can get pea coats for as low as $22 at Forever 21 right now. Or you can invest in one that you know you will wear for years. Pea coats look terrific with fitted jeans and look amazing with a skirt, over-the-knee socks or pantyhose, and boots. I love this Obey Peacoat. Always remember to snap all the buttons (unlike me).






Boots- oh yea. You must have black boots. I repeat, you must have black boots. I have a couple of variations of them. I have two flat pairs (Uggs/ generic brand with metal embellishments), genuine leather boots with a silver heel, platform boots with the fur (with the fuuuurrr!) on the top, and booties. I really wanted over-the-knee boots, but seriously, does it sound like I need another black pair of boots? I found an inexpensive way to create the illusion of them without having to spend money on another pair of shoes. This brings me to my next piece.







Over-the-knee socks- all colors. Get ‘em! Wear them with your boots to create the illusion of over the knee boots. They are so HOT!!

Or you can also wear them with platforms. I would not have thought to do that on my own, but fashion stylist and blogger Keiko Lynn pulls it off wonderfully here.







In Venice, Italy


Beanies and Berets- I found a cute crochet beret at H&M for $6. You can instantly change the look of the beret by putting clips in it. This red rose is a hair clip with a pin. Just clip one onto your beanie and voila! You have an instant pop of color. I have had a black sequin beret for a few years now and I can still wear it. Yay for everlasting fashion!



Over-the-knee Illusion plus ruffle leather



(Faux) Leather Jacket- I cheated, I have a genuine leather jacket and a faux leather jacket. I really love my ruffle leather jacket. It’s tough yet fitted and feminine. I bought it from Victoria’s Secret about 2 years ago. I wish I could wear it all the time! I also purchased a faux leather jacket that has a totally different with mixed fabric and tougher feel. If you buy a genuine leather jacket, consider it an investment and take your time in when searching for one.


Scarves- Yes, it is very obvious, but I need to make mention of it. Scarves are essential in the fall and winter. If you become savvy with your scarf tying skills, you can wear them year round! Check out this site for further scarf instruction. It is never too late to start a nice scarf collection! Get comfy and get to know how to rock a scarf! I am your cheerleader because I want to learn how to rock a scarf as well. I think I need to call on my fashion or beauty expert for that! =)


This concludes my list of “must have” fall fashion. These pieces will continue to give you great wear season after season. Yeas, I realize that the majority of the suggested items are black, but remember you can buy your pop of color to layer underneath and over your staple items!!

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