Hot Happy Hour date!!

It was my husband’s birthday and he wanted to see the Packers vs. Vikings at Claim Jumper so he could see the Petros and Money Show live. I went along with it and thought it would be a fun experience to see the radio show broadcasted live. I totally FORGOT that we were going during happy hour times. The happy hour at Claim Jumper runs from 3PM to 7PM. Perfect for pre-game warm up through half time! Boy was I shocked at the food and selection! The $2 to $5 menu was really impressive! Check out the spread! This picture doesn’t include the two ceasar salads that I ate as well.

Either way, I have a renewed sense of wanting to come out early for happy hours! We had 2 Stellas, 1 martini, 1 sangria, 2 ceasar salads, fish tacos, carnitas tacos, pork sliders, irish nachos, and fried zucchini for $32.00! It was really gratifying. Then we headed over to the Tilted Kilt next door and bought 2 beers and 2 shots for the same price. I loved happy hour even more at that moment! All I’m doing is reminding you to check out you local happy hours and champion for Claim Jumper’s happy hour menu! Meet with your honey or friends after work and do HAPPY HOUR as much as possible! Do a happy hour date. Do Monday Night Football at happy hour instead of cooking at home. Do happy hour darn it!

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