Budget Travel Tips – Holiday Edition

The key to budget travel, especially during the holidays is timing and doing your homework. Flights are booking at a record capacity this year due to less planes, the price of fuel, and labor costs. With the help of personal experience, watching the news, and scouring the internet, I compiled this trusty list of money-saving tips for holiday budget travel! Tell your family, “I’m coming home!”


  1. Book – weeks before. Booking too early and too late will only cost you. Booking 3-6 weeks in advance (domestically) is a safe bet.
  2. Sign up for newsletters JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic are my favorites. Today, I received in my inbox the special of the day!! $39 one-way flights by Jetblue
  3. Avoid these days: December 22nd, December 23rd, and January 2nd.
  4. Flying on the actual holiday can save money
  5. When booking, check prices of surrounding airports
  6. Consider booking on Tuesdays, the day that airlines update their flight inventory. Airfare is lowest on Tuesdays.
  7. Don’t assume connecting flights are less expensive. Do check direct flights, they are often a better deal.
  8. Use fare comparison websites. My favorites are Kayak.com and LowestFare.com. If you are a student or teacher STA Travel is, hands down, the best hub for lowest fare. It is LEGIT.
  9. If you must travel last-minute, check sites that specialize in last-minute deals. I like Travelzoo.com and Last Minute Travel.com.

I practice what I preach. I hope to help you save! As a present to you, I am providing a link to $39 domestic flights from JetBlue. It is good for today only! Let me know if you book! Enjoy!

P.S. I found a great article with money-saving holiday travel tips. Check out this article that lists the top 10 money saving tips from Go Banking Rates.

Source- Go Banking Rates



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