Christmas Card Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays are a perfect time to catch up with family and get in touch with family and friends that live out-of-town. Here are some tips for sending out memorable Christmas cards:

Include a recent photo-Photos should be uncluttered and feature you and/or your significant others as the focal point. They do not have to be Christmas themed. Last year I included a 2 photos from our travels, and referred to the photos in the newsletter. This year I included a photo from a photo shoot and the other 2 photos were from our landmark birthdays. Don’t feel you have to purchase professional photos to have your portrait look good. Candid shots are fun too!

Write a newsletter My mother-in-law was the first person that I saw send a newsletter. I really enjoyed reading her highlights of the year. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to get everyone up to speed with what has happened over the past year. Informing your friends and family about your year evokes a sense of closeness, even if you haven’t seen each other in a while.

Personalize it: If you are handwriting each card, be sure to include the name of the recipient on the card. If you are including a newsletter, sign the bottom instead of typing it.

Buy stamps that say “Forever”- This means the postage will always be valid, even if postage goes up.I bought an extra book of Christmas themed stamps and worried that postage would change and that I would have to add a goofy 1¢ sticker next to it. Buying “Forever” stamps alleviates the stress of having to use all the holiday stamps before postage changes.

Use return address stickers- Do you really want to write your address over and over again? I think not! I received FREE Christmas themed return address stickers through Vista Print. I just paid $3 for shipping. It as worth it!

If you have any tips, please write them down on the comments below! Merry Christmas everyone!





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