Date Night Tips

Having a good date night is an art! It took a while for us to get into a groove of what we both consider a good date night. At first, my husband thought going out to eat at a cafe was a “date night”. I had correct that fast. To his defense, date night is anything that is considered quality time. However, when eating at a fast-casual place takes less than an hour and we eat instead of talk, then we go home get back to work. That would not be a date night in my book. Thus, we needed to communicate what each of us consider a good date night. We agreed that once a month, we do a “dress up” date night and go all out. The rest of our date nights involve movies, snuggies, wine, cooking together, going out to hear good music, and even hanging out with other friends. Here are some tips for a DATE NIGHT DONE RIGHT:

1. Set a date and stick to it! Date nights are easy to move around. Put it on the calendar and really commit to it. Don’t break it unless you really have to. Don’t take your alone time for granted!

2. Ask each other what their ideal date night looks like. If I had it my way, I’d dress up to the nine for dates nights more often than not. My husband is a really chill guy and would rather do something low-key. Find a happy medium. If your significant other loves clubbing but you hate it, then go to restaurant that plays live music as a compromise. Catch my drift? Don’t make your loved one endure an activity that is not enjoyable for them. My husband didn’t know that I wanted to go hiking in the morning as a date day, until he asked me. He was pleasantly surprise. You never know until you ask!

3. Spice it up! Use date night as an excuse to try new things. New restaurants, new cities, new museums, new recipes, new massage oils, ya know?! 🙂 I am really privy to checking Living Social and Groupon deals. It really helps us step outside the box and try new businesses and activities.

4. Build anticipation. Remember the “honeymoon stage”? I am proud to say that we are still in the honeymoon stage. Even after 7 years of being together, 5 years in our home together, and 1.5 years of being married. Why? Well, because I still flirt with him. In addition, we are both willing to step outside the box. You can send messages or leave little notes that tell your significant other know that you look forward to the evening or day together. OR you can lay out your sexy outfit somewhere that he can see and foreshadow how good you are going look later on. Float each other’s boat some way, some how. You can do it!

5. Go back to the roots. Did you meet at a concert? Was it love at first sight from across the bar? Did you meet dressed up as a super hero at Comic Con? Well, don’t forget to go back to the “scene of the crime” and go back to your roots! For us, music and dance united us. We love going to good parties and listening to world-class DJ’s. Remember how you were when you first fell in love? Then surround yourself in that scenery and fall in love again. One of the highlights of our honeymoon was in Ibiza when we heard Sven Vath play an amazing set of music and danced all night. It felt like our first “official” date and brought us back to the good old days, when we had time to go out every weekend. Moral of the story, don’t forget who you are as individuals before you met. Honor what ever it was that drew you to him/ her and celebrate it together.

6. Stack up your gift cards. We have a habit of holding on to gift cards for a long time. Soon, we realized we have a treasure trove of gift cards to restaurants and can eat for free of half off at any given moment. If you get a gift card to a high end restaurant, be patient and wait to use it until the time is right. Don’t spend them just to spend them, use your gift cards with a purpose.

Always remember that amazing date doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Date night isn’t a task and should never be stressful. It can simply be movie night with a fire at home. Check out this video for date night ideas on a budget. This link also goes back to my blog archive of more hot dates on a budget ideas. Please comment if you have any other suggestions or date night locations / activities that you really enjoy!


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