Holidays with the Family! The joys of a blended family =)




This Christmas was truly magical! Most of my family came into town from from all corners of the United States. Getting together with everyone was such an incredible feeling. Each holiday, I visit my mom’s side of the family, my father’s family, and my in-laws. It sounds stressful, but it is not stressful at all when you have such wonderful family. One of the highlights of my year was having my little cousins over for a night of food, cupcake decorating, and a movie. In addition, it was my nephew’s first Christmas! Santa (my husband) also treated me well this year. As much as I missed tending to this website site and making videos, I must say the experiences I had were priceless. Check out some highlights of my holiday.

Christmas Eve with my mom’s (my Mexican side) of the family. Grandma is overwhelmed by her new blender.







Below is Christmas morning. We have a tradition at the Lozano house. We sleep at our in-laws house and wake up in the morning together to Christmas music, a fire, mimosas, a prayer and stating what each of us are grateful for before opening gifts. It is such a pleasant and heartwarming way to spend Christmas.

It was my nephew’s first Christmas. He had no idea what is going on yet. His favorite part of the morning was being pushed around in a box. So cute!









Christmas afternoon was spent with my Filipino side of the family. We ate well, watched the Lakers game, my grandma had her second drink ever (yes, second drink in her entire life), we built gingerbread houses, and caught up with each other!










The day after Christmas I had my auntie come down with my two boy cousins. They are visiting from Wisconsin. I taught Ethan (with glasses) how to use iMovie. In the process, I learned how to use iMovie too! (I am happy to say that I can produce waaaaaayyyyyy more videos now). Ethan is a magician and wants to have tutorials on YouTube. It is so cute. Later on, my other side of the family came to my house and we had a taco bar. We had so much fun making our food. I was showing everyone how to make Mexican pizzas. Afterwards we decorated cupcakes and gingerbread Christmas tress. We topped off the evening by watching “Cars 2”. It was such an enjoyable evening! These are just a few snapshots of the memories that will always be in my heart. Remember to always cherish moments with your family. I hope you had a happy holiday this year!

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