Keeping Your New Years Resolutions!

Keeping your new year’s resolution can be…. no… IS tough. I did not make firm resolutions for the two last years since I am in a “constant state of improving oneself.” Oh please. I’m going to get real here and hold myself accountable. I have three specific resolutions for 2012 and I am going to make sure that I am held responsible. Here are a couple of tips (used in the past and confirmed via research) on how to turn your resolutions into viable goals that you can stay committed to.

Write it down. It sounds like a no brainer, but it is easy to forget this simple and effective step. Once you write goals (no more than three realistic goals), write down when you anticipate hitting your landmarks.

Be specific. The landmarks mentioned above are the “specifics”. Give yourself realistic goal dates. Here are three examples: lose 10 pounds my March 15th, have four videos uploaded on YouTube by February, save $2,000 by the end of April. After you write your landmarks, jot down what you can do each week to obtain these goals. In essence, you are working backwards, but it works! I use this principle to budget for my vacations and my wedding.

Tell people your resolutions and goals. Yep! Let everyone know your resolutions. You need to feel the heat of pushing your goals to the wayside. You should feel guilty if you don’t stick to your plan, so tell people and do it so you do not have to feel guilty!

Track your progress. I just found a treasure trove of templates under Google documents. You can plan your meals; track your budget, and a credit card payoff calculator. If you have a Gmail account, simply click on documents and look for the templates.I am going to use to track my budget next year as well.

Have a buddy. You don’t necessarily need a workout buddy, but friend that can call you out and check on your progress. You should also make sure that your buddy is keeping up with their personal goals as well.

Use applications and websites. Be sure to use all of your free resources. Do your research by searching online for free or inexpensive websites and applications that can help you. Having fun while tracking your progress will make your new adjustments easier!

I hope this list helped you. I will finally share my new year’s resolutions so you can hold me accountable. Here it goes!

1. Learn to speak Spanish Action item: Rosetta Stone is installed and ready to go, I will dedicate at least an hour a day to learning Spanish.

2. I will upload a webisode a week. Action item: Learned iMovie and lined up three guests for my future webisodes. My first three guests will feature DIY home improvement, how to shop for vintage / used clothing, and a cooking segment.

3. Manage my time more wisely. My lack of a schedule tends to make my “schedule” fill up fast with miscellaneous projects. Action items: Install applications that help with my productivity and commit to working and workout schedule.

If you have any other resources, please share them by commenting below! Happy New Year and cheers to improvement!

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