Spring Eyes 2012- Using Urban Decay’s 15 Year Anniversary Palette to the MAX!


I’ve toyed with the idea of starting “Project Palette” a while ago. I finally made my first video and am excited to keep them coming. What does “Project Palette” have to do with living greatwithout breaking the bank? Learning how to make the most of what I have is one of the may reasons I started Domestic Diva Lifestyle. Although I am an expert at budgeting, deal finding, home beauty treatments, budget travel and more, I want to learn to be resourceful in all aspects of my life and am willing to document my trials and tribulations. I use over the counter make-up all the time, but I splurge on eyeshadows because I have very greasy eyelids. I have to invest in eyeshadow primer and metallic eyeshadows, it seems to be the only combo that prevents creasing and evaporation.

Spending $50 on a palette is indeed a splurge for me, but if I use it to the max, it will be all worth it. By starting this series, I am going to explore how many looks I can create from one palette. Technically, it can be exponential and keep going, but I am going to focus on finding distinct looks. For this look, I am using natural lid, with a punch of pink and a winged liner. It is my ode to SPRING 2012! I look forward to experimenting more! I am purchasing a lighting kit soon so the colors are more accurate on video. Right now I am using flood lights to shoot. Hey, like I said, I am RESOURCEFUL, not ghetto. LOL! Enjoy!


  1. Lilly says

    I liked the step by step instructions! Very informative and I like how you explained things….thank you….the colors are beautiful too!

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