Do’s and Don’ts After Getting Engaged!

Love is in the air! Or something is in the water! It is funny to finally see parallels of my life in Hollywood. Celebrities are getting engaged, married, and having babies (not in that particular order, but you get my drift) and so are my friends. I am certainly at the age when my Facebook news feed is full of pics of new engagements rings, newborns, happy couples, bachelorette parties, new homes, and all the other things that tell me I’m getting older, lol! But in all seriousness, it is great to see this progression.

Let’s take a step and look at which celebs are engaged: Jessica Biel, Snooki, Anne Hathaway, Britney Spears, Kristin Cavallari, and Kristen Bell are all in the engaged entourage, just to new a few. Meanwhile I know 7 girlfriends that are getting married within the next year or so. Getting engaged is such a wonderful feeling! I was totally shocked when I was proposed to. I was so excited, nervous, happy, and anxious all at the same time. What was I nervous about you ask? I knew that my man was the right one for me, but all I could keep thinking about was, “where do I start?” This is why I made the webisode- Do’s and Don’ts After Getting Engaged! It is easy to miss a beat, think that you have more help or money than you really do. This quick list will help you get on track and get organized.

Here are the links to the websites I mentioned:

The Knot

Wedding Wire

Pinterest – email me if you need an invite =)


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