The W Hotel Barcelona- Ocean Front Room Tour

Joe and I had a three week honeymoon in Europe. We visited Spain, Italy and Switzerland. The exchange rate (especially in Switzerland) and length of time took a toll on or finances, so we had to figure out when to save money and when to splurge. For instance, we stayed at a one star hotel in Ibiza, knowing that we would be at the beach all day long and partying at night. (You have to see the room to believe it. It was a JOKE!) Our first and last stop of our honeymoon was in Barcelona. Naturally, we decided to splurge on our last day. Joe planned the bulk of the honeymoon since I was so busy planning the wedding. He surprised me by choosing the best hotel in Barcelona. The W Hotel!

I am a busy body. Yes, even during vacation. Let me tell you, this was the FIRST and ONLY time I did NOT want to leave the hotel. Everything I wanted was right in front of me. The beach, the music, the ambiance, fresh watermelon cocktails, the plush beds, the view, the lighting, the service, the food….. everything in this hotel exudes luxury and relaxation. We had an amazing dinner that evening. After that we went to the club on the top floor. Club Eclipse. It was AMAZING. Not only was the view incredible, I saw something I never saw before. An electric violin! Not only did this sound incredible, the electric violinist played over HOUSE music. Oh my gosh, so awesome. I’m getting goosebumps typing about it. Every little detail was attended to. I loved it here. Hands down my favorite hotel in the world.

What does this have to do with living great without breaking the bank? This is what I call the SAVE and SPLURGE method. We saved money in other areas like mid grade hotels and eating at cafes versus restaurants so we could splurge on a night like this. Was it worth it? HELL YES. More budget traveling tips to come. Until then, check out this little piece of paradise.

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