How to Organize a Jewelry Box / Cabinet


I promised myself that I would simply my life in 2012. I wanted to apply this principle to all aspects of my life. But for now, organizing my home and purging clutter will do. I am finally at the point in my womanhood where less is more. Correction, less clutter is more…. I still find myself wanting new clothes this spring. I definitely need to brighten up my wardrobe (but that is another blog post). Last January, I organized my bathroom toiletries, hair products, and jewlery. Naturally, being organized saves time and reduces stress. My mornings are so easy now that I can find everything in a jiffy. This lead me to want to clean almost everything else from the inside out. Check out these tips on how to organize your jewelry box or cabinet.

Organizing my jewelry box was long overdue. I can’t tell you how many long lost pieces I found! Check out this before picture. Everything was buried and in disarray…loose earrings (unmatched and without backings), tangled necklaces, bangles stacked on top of one another, and even old pieces of gum and allergy pills. It was a loosely organized disaster.

Since I learned to live on a tighter budget, I am compelled to make more use of the items I have instead of buying new items for each occasion (I actually feel better using what I have more often, it is more gratifying than spending more money). I knew that I had to organize in a why that made everything visible is a flash. After I dusted and polished my jewlery holder, I started organizing by lining up my bracelets. I found an empty braclet box and started stacking my bracelets on it. When it lays flat, it looks a like a department store jewlery holder. I am so happy that I thought of this!

Next, bought baggies for my earrings. I went to Walgreen’s and bought prescription pill baggies. They are the perfect size for most earrings. I matched all my earrings and threw away the ones that no longer had a match. The drawer on the top left fits three rows of bagged earrings perfectly. The left column contains post style earrings, the middle is hoop/casual earrings and the right column contains drop/ long earrings. The pill pouches I use (picutured) have writing on it. I placed the clear side facing me. I am sure you can find pouches without writing ( I was just so anxious to finish the project , so I used the first thing I found). This step was the smartest decision.

Next, I moved onto my silver Tiffany’s jewlery. I used my label maker and labeled each pouch. Now I I know the contents without ripping open every bag. Labeling each bag also helps me hold myself accountable. Now I put the jewlery back immediately and in the correct pouch. It is all because of the labels. No more tangled messes and panic!

The last section contains my body jewlery, Brighton charms, and rings. Feast your eyes on the final product. Let me know what you think!


Yes, that is a LAKER bracelet




Ta-da! AFTER


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