Easter Themed Cupcakes


Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes

I have an excuse to bake in bulk a few times a year since my husband is 4th grade teacher. His Easter break is coming up (“Spring Break” if you are in college or an adult), so I decided to make a batch of Easter themed cupcakes for his class. I wanted to try something different, yet nostalgic. I always remember the chocolate nests with the chocolate eggs or jellybeans in the middle. I decided to up the ante and put these cute nests on top of a Funfetti cupcake. The result was fun, delicious, and festive! I love these oh-so-adorable Easter themed cupcakes! Why pay $2+ per cupcake at fancy schmancy stores when you can make awesome ones at home? Be sure to check out the easier version of these cupcakes at the end of this post, they are just as cute!

Here is what you will need for 24 cupcakes:

1 box of cake mix (I suggest Funfetti, lemon, or strawberry) You will need eggs, oil and water to prepare the cupcake mix.

1 large tub of vanilla frosting

1 bag of chocolate Cadbury eggs

1 can Betty Crocker decorating cake icing in green (comes with 4 tips)

Chocolate Coconut Nests

1 cup sweetened shredded coconut

2 cups shredded wheat cereal

1/2 cup peanut butter

12 oz milk chocolate OR semi-sweet chocolate

wax paper


FoodWriter Decorating pens

Flower sprinkles

Food coloring

Start by baking your cupcakes as usual

While cupcakes are baking, prepare the chocolate coconut shredded wheat nests. Take the shredded wheat and crush into small pieces. Add the coconut to the mix. Put the chocolate and peanut butter in a separate bowl. Melt for 40 seconds and keep melting in 10 second intervals until the chocolate and peanut butter smoothly mix together. Gently fold the chocolate peanut butter mixture into the coconut and shredded wheat.



Get a flat pan and place wax paper on top. Wait for chocolate and peanut butter to cool a bit before forming the nests. This part gets a bit messy so wear a non stick glove if you have one. Take a tablespoon (but don’t fill it up all the way, the nests form better when they are smaller) and shape the nests on the wax paper. Press your finger in the middle to make a dip. It will seem messy and hard to form at first but you will get the hang of it. I promise they will turn out just fine! Now that the hard part is over, place the nests in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

While the nests are freezing, start to prepare your “grass” for the cupcakes. Place vanilla frosting in a mixing bowl and use food coloring to create your desired shade of green. I used some yellow to give a lime tint. Place green frosting in decorating bag with grass tip. Place this bag aside. Your nests are probably ready at this point!

Take the Betty Crocker decorating cake icing can and use the leaf tip. Start in the middle and make three or four leaves (kind of like a peace sign). This will secure the nests and serve as decoration as well. After the leaves are on all the cupcakes, take decorating bag with the green frosting and make grass around the perimeter of cupcakes.

Place nests on top of cupcake and decorate nests with Cadbury chocolate eggs, jellybean, or my favorite, a chocolate Cadbury egg dressed up like a chicky!

I used the edible pens to make the eyes, beak and wings. I used the orange flower sprinkles for the feet. A little bit of frosting will secure the feet onto the chocolate egg.

If you feel like the nests are too much work, you can skip them and cupcakes with eggs or a little chicky in the grass. It is just as adorable!! Let me know what you think of these cupcakes by leaving a comment. Happy baking and happy Easter!!!


  1. Jessika says

    AWESOME! These are too adorable! I am definitely going to take them to my family’s for Easter, I just hope they turn out as good as yours!

  2. Lilly says

    Great, easy to follow instructions!!!! I will do a gluten-free version…..terrific, THANK YOU CHENINE!!! A great job, as always!!!!

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