OOTD – Spring Love

It took a while for me to become a fan of bright colors and spring fashion. This would be the first year that I absolutely LOVE spring fashion. I usually like dark colors… but it feels great to break out of my shell and use more color. Maybe that cool commercial that says “color changes everything” influenced me? Either way, I’m finally happy with the way bright colors look on me. I was happy to get this ensemble at a great price!

Dress/ Earrings/ Belt: Love Culture $25/$3/$8

Bracelet: Zulugrass Bracelet $14 (these products are eco-friendly and

benefit the people of Kenya

Coach bag: Gifted

Shoes: Footsies (brand: Promises) $10

Do you think I scored a good deal on the outfit? Let me know what you think! I’m giving away a prize to 2 people that comment below in honor of my first outfit of the day post! Winners will be chosen at random. Enjoy your day!




  1. kari meeker says

    LOVE IT!!!! i love the zulugrass bracelets, i have some – totally worth every penny.. and the fact that the most expensive item – the purse – was gifted, you totally scored!

  2. Amanda Wilson says

    You did a great job..and look great too..I love the bracelet’s..and $10 for those shoes…nice score..and can you please tell me who gives that kind of purse to you!

  3. says

    Haha!I found a website that buys, sells and trades used Coach purses and I told my husband which purse I wanted =) I would promote the site, but the owner was very mean to me and I had a bad transaction. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending people her way because the customer service was bad and she took a month to ship the purse. My husband bought the purse for $100, it probably retailed for $320-$400 when it was new. So the gift was even bought with a deal!!!

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