What is BB Cream?

Have you noticed the BB Cream craze? If you haven’t yet, you will notice it after reading this. So let’s get this out of the way first, what is BB Cream anyway? It stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm (I have heard both references). I first heard about it from Rachel Talbott’s Check in the Mirror blog. She posted a picture of BB Cream as one of her favorite things and I looked it up and found out so many great things about it. Thanks Rachel! After that, I started to notice the product spring up in high end makeup lines and over-the-counter skin care brands.

I explain more in my video, but here is the low down. BB cream is more than a tinted moisturizer, but not as heavy as a heavy foundation. I call in the bridge between skin care and makeup. It is perfect to wear by itself on your day off, workout or at the beach. An application of BB cream smooths, perfects, even skin tone, moisturizes and protects with SPF. It is an excellent primer for foundation and or powder. In other words, it can be worn daily without damaging your skin. Your skin will actually feel renewed!

BB cream is very light and absorbs fast. It actually found in the skin care section, which is already a good sign in my book! I use Garnier BB Cream, which can be a bit shiny, so it is a good idea to put on a light application of powder over the it. BB cream is an incredible foundation primer. I used to use Smashbox Foundation Primer, but after using BB cream, I find that it is better to reap the benefits of its skin care while adding depth to my makeup application. I am truly a fan!!! Watch out for an upcoming webisode for my top BB cream tips!

Here is the icing on the cake. I bought Garnier BB Cream for $9. It as $12.50 but I had a coupon and it as on sale at CVS. Be sure to join the CVS Beauty club to get money back on your purchases.

Click here to see multiple brand BB Cream reviews from Refinery29.com.

Let me know if you are going to jump on the BB cream train or your thoughts!


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