Makeup Tutorial Plus Discount on Makeup Brushes

This is the second installment of Project Palette. This project is my attempt to create as many looks possible with one palette. I decided to splurge and by Urban Decay’s 15 Year Anniversary Palette a few months ago. I figured I should step outside of the box and document the versatility one palette can bring.

Here is the BEST part of Project Palette. I teamed up with celebrity makeup artist Elaina

Badro.I will use her brushes for Project Palette from this point on. Elaina was kind enough to

Elaina Badro

offer Domestic Diva Lifestyle fans a DISCOUNT CODE ALL OF HER MAKEUP BRUSHES. Yipee! You know how I feel about discounts and coupons! The discount code is revealed at the end of the makeup tutorial.

Elaina Badro has worked with DMX, Randy Jackson’s artist, Mika Newton, Diesel Couture Line, ShoeDazzle, Mann & T-Pain’s music video. Please take a moment to support a strong and entrepreneurial woman!


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