People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful” Issue

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news! I was going to dance around it, but I will just cut to the chase. People Magazine recently had a “Beauty at Every Age” search. My mom told me about it and I didn’t think anything of it. I gave her my photo so she could submit me, just two days before the deadline- and People Magazine actually choose me!!! The only drawback is that everyone knows my age now, lol. I won the People’s search for ‘Real Beauty at Every Age’ – for the 31 year olds!! Yay! Oh, and yep…. I’m 31!

I shot a video about my experience with this. However, I bought a new program that takes FOREVER to edit videos ( I just found out that I need to buy an extra program to make videos export, sheesh). I’ve tried to edit and upload for the past few days, but the magazine will be off the racks tomorrow- so I will just write about it!

Here is the story behind it:

People Magazine contacted me two weeks after my mom submitted my photo. They needed a lot of information from me. I was alloted 24 hours to complete the paperwork, take and send new pictures, get documents notarized and faxed. I am working doubles right now so I had an hour window period to finish this. I felt like a hot mess when I took the photo (pictured on the right)!

The next day they informed me that they could not use me in the article because I am a “public figure”. I was really bummed and replied to the email with gratitude and told them that I am not famous by any means. I thought it was the end of it. A week later, I got a phone call from my Step-dad told me I was on page 96!

I am honored that I was chosen! There were over 15,ooo entries total. Women from 20-60 were eligible for the search.

Many of you asked how I got it in. Check People magazine’s website in April next year and see if they are searching for real beauties at every age and upload your picture. I believe my picture stood out because I was wearing a vibrant red top and my photo was taken at a studio. I thought it may have been a disadvantage to be one of the few 31 year olds to upload a professonal photo- but I see now that the clarity of the photo helped me out.

If you submit for anything that requires you to stand out on print, I suggest:

1. Bright or vibrant solid color shirt

2. Express positive emotion in your eyes

3. Use natural light or studio light. Not too light, not too bright.

4. SMILE!!!

I can’t close out this post until I voice my opinion about Beyoncé as the world’s most beautiful woman. GREAT CHOICE. She deserves it. Ms. Fierce is always on the top of her game, is a new mom, and is in a happy marriage. It’s wonderful to see her receive the honor. She is truly gorgeous and deserves it!

Always remember that true beauty starts within. External beauty is pointless if you are not a joy to be around!

Well if you missed this issue, you can get it electronically on your iPad or E-reader =) Cheers!!


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