Our First Visit To Legoland! The Lozano Family Review

The Lozano's first time at Legoland was a BLAST!

The Lozano’s first time at Legoland was a BLAST!

Before I became a mom, I scoffed at Legoland. I thought to myself, “how boooorring”, and wrote it off as a gimmick. Flash forward to being a mommy my precious 2-year-old Adan….oh my gosh, if I lived closer, I would get a season pass!

Legoland is PERFECT for toddlers. As soon as I walked up to Star Wars Land and found an area to build Lego spaceships, I was SOLD. The hands-on activities and play areas are a parent’s dream. You will find yourself with a perma-smile every time your little one(s) finds a play area of unlimited amounts of huge foam Legos, themed Legos, or Duplos to play with.

Adan spent nearly an hour building with these!

Adan spent nearly an hour building with these!

You will also find yourself day dreaming of the eerily quiet ride home, because I can guar-ron-teeee that your child will be knocked the heck out in less than five minutes of being buckled in the car seat.

Watch a compilation of our fun time below, but don’t forget to keep reading!

Legoland’s originality doesn’t stop with the marvelous mini cities and structures, this theme park gets two high fives and two thumbs up from the Lozano family over the healthy food choices. As soon as you walk in the cafe on your left has an incredibly mindful selection of non-GMO and natural foods. That is an extra 1,000 points in my book! One must try treat that you cannot find anywhere else are the cinnamon and sugar dusted Apple Fries with Vanilla Whipped Cream, which you will find in Castle Hill.

Families with babies can take their whole family on 17 attractions without a height limit, which is a HUGE deal. Anyone over 42-inches are allowed to ride everything. Check out their rides labeled by height restrictions here, it will help you navigate quickly and effectively, a tool that I wished I had the foresight to look up before going the first time.

A hot tip for the first timers- bring towels, swimsuits and a change of clothes. Pirate Shores is a water park within Legoland that doesn’t require separate admission.  This area is in addition to the water park that requires separate ticket for the park. You know you are in the right place (or wrong place if you do not like getting wet) when you see a massive body dryer that can fit up to family of four! Pirate Shores also has a changing room area, as they should because unsuspecting visitors can get soaked just from walking by an uber fun ride named “Splash Battle”.  So mommies, bring a hat down low or don’t even bother putting on eye make-up if you come up in Pirate Shores unprepared. Ye be warned!!

Now that Adan is past 36-inches, we have a whole new crop of rides to get on! We will be back, the Lozano Family still has a lot of ground to cover the next time around! By for now!

Family SelfieThank you for reading. Please comment below on your tips for visiting Legoland with little ones or if this post helped you have a smooth visit!


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