How To Quickly Get Your Child To Sleep- Does Hypnosis Work?

It’s past midnight and my toddler is still slapping my in the face with his feet in your our bed. Our bed, which used to symbolize rest, peace, tranquility and love.  He has his own room, but sleeping in the middle of  my husband and I is the pattern we created. I proceed to google ‘how to sleep training our toddler’ from time to time, find ZERO results for that search consistently.

Gone are the days when going to bed was synonymous with sleep.  If you are like me and somehow declined to sleep train or did not continue to sleep train, you probably once thought, “They will only be this little once”, “I love snuggling with him, I don’t mind”. Well tell you what sister, massive kudos if you have or plan to sleep train your child and succeed. Co-sleeping is amazing, but it also a trap. This is how the only child stays the only child, when you intended on having more.

I’ve been at my wits end for a while trying to put Adan down to bed.  My personal goals and love life took a hit from my child refusing to go down. Luckily the Emmy-award winning show “The Doctors” reached out to me and asked me if I am willing to test out a book for them. At first I thought I had to read a parenting book, turns out the parent read the book aloud to their child, for an instantaneous result. I told them that I am all game to read a book that can potentially put Adan down to sleep with ease.

The book is “The Rabbit Who Want To Go To Sleep” by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin and Irina Maununen. The author is a psychologist, and prompts the reader how to read the book aloud to the child you wish to fall asleep.

The results I had from reading this book to him are astonishing. It is no wonder this book hit #1 on Amazon! You MUST see Adan’s reaction to this book yourself.

Watch my segment on the “Doctors” and see for yourself!

Leave a comment below of your initial thoughts on the book and what methods that you use to put your toddler to bed!


  1. Ankit says

    Wow, “how to put a child to sleep video” is amazing.
    Hypnosis works very well.
    Does the same book read works every day?
    Or do not the child get bored by reading same sleeping and yawning story every night?

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