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Hi everyone, my name is Chenine Lozano. The many facets of my life include being a young homeowner, newlywed and a working woman with an education in broadcast journalism. For a long time, I was bothered by reality TV, it isn’t parallel with reality. Where is the show for superwomen who do it all? A show for women who are paving their own way to their future? I was very much alone while making very important life decisions that required saving and spending. Through many trials and tribulations and financial ups and down, I naturally become a “lifestylist” on a budget.

I am here to assist women who are in a pivotal stage of their life. While I may not be an expert on everything, I’m always looking to learn something new from my experiences. I want to share my journey to becoming a domestic diva, and hope my lessons can be yours too! This site will cover topics like moving forward with your career, finances, health, home purchases and décor, event planning and relationships… and how to look amazing while balancing all of life’s intricacies. My sense of risk and adventure caused many expensive mistakes along the way, but also brought great rewards. This inspires me to share budgeting and money saving tips for many first timers, or anyone who wants advice from someone who endures the same challenges. In addition, I want to help educate my viewers on how to effectively finish DIY projects while getting the luxurious look for less (events, fashion and décor). When you are able to reach your goals on your own accord,  you become more confident, when you become more confident, you become more happy and successful! Let’s do this together!

I am always looking for guest bloggers and participants for our webisodes. This site is highly interactive and is all about sharing tips that will enrich each other’s lives. I look forward to building a community of “in the know” women. If you are already living the domestic diva lifestyle or on a journey to greatness and living the good life, you’ve come to the right place! Remember, “diva” means successful woman!

“I want to inspire my viewers to accomplish greatness without breaking the bank. Trial and triumph is the key, no more costly errors for my viewers!”