T.G.I.F. Diva Deal

Hello!! In the spirit of Friday I found a T.G.I. Friday's deal thanks to the Frugal Girls newsletter. They always have awesome deals. Get a free appetizer when you sign up for T.G.I.Friday's rewards club,"Give Me More Strips". You also get … [Read more...]

Thursday’s Totes Deal!

Hello my fellow smart shoppers! I found a great deal on TOTES. If you watched the movie I Love You, Man, you are just as compelled as me to say Totes McGoats! LOL. Anyway these totes are great to get in quantity, so if you have want to stock up … [Read more...]

Wednesday’s Deal of the Day!

Hello, Well I kind of cheated. This deal will set you up for tomorrow, but I thought I'd give you notice. This is link for a free movie from Redbox. The only drawback is that you have to be on Facebook. But everyone and their mom and grandma's are … [Read more...]

Tuesday’s Diva Deal! Spring theme =)

Hello ladies, I'm supposed to be tight lipped about my upcoming webisodes, but I'm so excited. In one of the webisodes, I cover awesome dates on a budget. One of my suggestions was...to do things that go with the season. For example, sledding when … [Read more...]

Happy Monday! Enjoy your Diva Deal of the Day!

I subscribed to FrugalGirls.com, and I am so excited about their newsletters! They must have a team working day and night scouring for these deals. I suggest you sign up for their newsletter to and get in on the savings! I know they will be a great … [Read more...]

Pool Your Resources and PARTY!

I believe every woman goes through this. We reach a point in our lives when we attend or plan the monthly special occasion party for our close friends. For me, it is pivotal and joyous stage in my life. I mean, these are the same women that I took … [Read more...]

My Almost DIY Wedding

Hello fellow Domestic Divas!! I hope you are living the good life. Here are some personal photos of my wedding. I recently received all of my images and I'm really excited to show how I saved some money during my wedding planning. Just a … [Read more...]

Welcome to Livin’ the Diva Vida!

  Welcome and thank you for reading the Domestic Diva Lifestyle blog!! Diva, meaning successful woman! I do not advocate the finger snapping, demanding, eyeball rolling and sense of entitlement diva, okay? Hehe. Anyway, I hope you find the … [Read more...]