The Importance of “Beauty” Sleep

As a very busy woman, I know what it is like to lack sleep. I always rely on make-up to make me "appear" awake and rested. I keep telling myself that I will get more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep, yet still keep going 100 miles an hour. I rarely get to … [Read more...]

Everyday Minerals Vs. Bare Minerals

Hello! A fellow "diva lifestylist" responded to my skin care post and suggested Everyday Minerals. I went online and found that this company gave free samples. I only paid $3 for shipping. In just a few days I received SEVEN samples. I really … [Read more...]

Nail Care and Repair After Acrylics

I recently took off my artificial nails. I decided it was time to let my real keratin breathe! Plus, I want to be in control of when I change the color of my nails. Oh yes, and I'm saving money to go to Belize next year while I am at it! Needless to … [Read more...]

The Key to BEAUTIFUL SKIN for Less

I had the great fortune of not having acne in high school. However, the curse of adult acne hit me when I turned 21. It was horrible! I used to think that make-up was the key to making me feel physically confident. It was not until I heard the wise … [Read more...]

Save 40% to 50% off of OTC Make-up!

Hello! I wrote about the CVS “Extra Care Bucks” before, but I thought I’d share my story and repost my sentiments. I bought Revlon mascara for $10.99 and received $4 “Extra Care Bucks”. It is just like cash, you can use it for anything. A … [Read more...]

Make up Monday- Smashbox Cosmetics Deal!!

Hello fellow divas! I apologize for the week of in activity. I was locked out of my blog and email for over a week. It was weird! Anyway, on to the deal. I signed up for the newsletters from Smashbox Cosmetics because I really enjoy their … [Read more...]