Easter Themed Cupcakes

  Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes I have an excuse to bake in bulk a few times a year since my husband is 4th grade teacher. His Easter break is coming up ("Spring Break" if you are in college or an adult), so I decided to make a batch of … [Read more...]

Fresh and Easy Coupon

Hey everyone! I am a HUGE fan of Fresh and Easy! They are affordable, convenient, and provide coupons! Get $6 off your $30 purchase at Fresh and Easy here. Hurry, it expires March 20th! If you haven't already joined their rewards program, … [Read more...]

$5 off $20 at BJ’s Restaurant

BJ's is one of my favorite restaurants. The Pizookie dessert adds rank in my book! They expanded their menu! Now it includes Asian fare. Yummy! Check out this coupon for $5 off =)   $5 off of $20 at BJ's   … [Read more...]

Lemon Asparagus Chicken Recipe

I am so proud of myself for cooking a great dinner for six people in under 20 minutes. I steamed veggies and flavored with butter a seasoned them with a little bit of onion soup powder. I used Uncle Ben's Chicken and Wild Rice, which cooks in less … [Read more...]

Grilling for Girls- Beer Can Chicken Method

This year was the first time I heard of the beer can chicken method. It requires a contraption (found at any grill store and Home Depot) that holds a beer can and a whole chicken in place. Once you place it on the grill, the steam from the beer … [Read more...]

Grilling for Grills! Part 2- Homemade Marinade

I started a grilling for girls segments a while ago but took a while to edit the installments. I'm a solopreneur, so cut me a little slack! I really wanted to learn how to grill because it seems like a great way to entertain and feed a crowd fairly … [Read more...]

Quick, Cheap, and Easy

Get your mind out of the gutter! I'm talking about a do-it-yourself body scrub! =) All you need is sugar and milk! This a great way to use what you already have. I decided to ditch the mini production and simply give you a quick tip! I hope you … [Read more...]

Great Home Cooking for Under $10

Eating on a dime doesn't mean you have to eat fast food or Top Ramen. Not that there is anything wrong with Top Ramen, but you get my point. You can still get down with the home cooking and have a tasty and hearty meal. I found these wonderful … [Read more...]