Taco Bar at My Casa!

I made a 7 layer dip for my company picnic. To my dismay, I was the 2nd person to bring the dip and the extra large tray that I made bearly had a dent in it. In order not to feel like a complete idiot and avert a waste of food, I invited some friends … [Read more...]

Grilling for Girls

I have this beautiful propane BBQ. It didn't get love from me. I would leave it up to the men to do the grilling and BBQing. I decided that I should take matters into my own hands this football season…I need to learn the grill! Why? The fridge is … [Read more...]

Free E-Cookbook for Watermelon Recipes

Calling all Domestic Diva’s the get out the cleaver and chop up some watermelon this summer. Watermelon is so delightfully fun and refreshing. Click here to get your free e-cookbook for 30 WATERMELON recipes! Enjoy =) … [Read more...]

How to Order Low Calorie Fast Food!

Hello everyone! Summer is creeping up!! I’m already dreaming of pool parties and trips to the beach. Although my mind and body want to take a vacation… work, errands, and side projects won’t quit. Still, I have to make some adjustments in order to … [Read more...]

The Unsung Veggie- The Cucumber!!

Hello my divine divas! I truly appreciate the story behind this webisode. I was waiting for lunch from my favorite restaurant, Native Foods Café, and read their monthly newsletter. I was happy to stumble across many notable factoids about … [Read more...]

Fun Free Recipes for Friday!!

I wonder when I will run out of my ability to alliterate on any given day for my diva deals. LOL! Anyway, I found this awesome find on The Frugal Girls website. 21 quick and fresh picnic recipes. I love the different types of salad sandwiches in this … [Read more...]