Chenine On Buzzfeed

What happens when you turn the tables on a mommy, and she gets to MAKE the MESS and not clean it up? Nearly 2 million views later,  a whole lot of surprises and laughs that were originally for the moms that participated in this video rippled to the world! Watch what happens when Chenine teamed up with BuzzFeed and Clorox in the hilarious video.

Mommy expert, Chenine Lozano, reports to the panel on the Emmy Award winning show “The Doctors” on the efficacy of Amazon’s best-seller that is known to put children to sleep when read aloud. Watch what happens in this amazing video of Chenine reading this controversial book to her toddler Adan.

Chenine draws a line in the sand and decides to put several unconventional workouts to the test on Spike TV’s upcoming series! At the end of the show, she decides on which activity she will commit to, and effectively take off the last 5 pounds of stubborn baby weight!

Growing families mean a growing grocery bill! Chenine invites a fellow TV host in the kitchen of her show “Smart Living With Chenine” to show her how to make two flavorful dishes that cost less than $1 per serving.

First time mom found newfound curves that are here to stay! Luckily Chenine discovered a new and fun way to find fashion, brands and prices that suit her needs with PopSugar’s ShowStyle. Chenine shares live reactions as she navigates through ShopStyle for the first time.