Natural Cold Remedies

I woke up this morning feeling like crap! We have heavy winds in California and I am not sure if I am coming down with a cold or having bad allergies. I immediately stopped what I was doing and bought pho soup. I added lots of sirachaya hot sauce and … [Read more...]

Rockin’ Weekend in Vegas for Under $100!!!

With some team work, I was able to go to Vegas for under $120, that included gambling, seeing one of my favorite DJ's at the Marquee, dinner at a Brazilian BBQ Restaurant, transportation, drinks, 2 taxi rides, and my room! SAY WHAT?? Typically, when … [Read more...]

Everyday Minerals Vs. Bare Minerals

Hello! A fellow "diva lifestylist" responded to my skin care post and suggested Everyday Minerals. I went online and found that this company gave free samples. I only paid $3 for shipping. In just a few days I received SEVEN samples. I really … [Read more...]

Deal and Lesson of the Day! NUDE SHOES 101!

Hello friends. Today is a special edition of of DDD (diva deal of the day). Because I was “moded” while shopping yesterday. Yes, I’m dating myself. ”Living Great Broke My Bank” because I was impatient. Check out the the scenario… I went to … [Read more...]