Yo Gabba Gabba Themed Birthday Party

I attended a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party for my nephew's 1st Birthday. The party was as adorable as my nephew! I loved all of the DIY crafts, cool activites, colors and overall vibe of the party. It was so festiveand fun! The best part is that … [Read more...]

Free Breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe!

Have you had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe before? If you haven't you are missing out! The fresh squeezed orange juice and the fresh baked bread and muffins are just the beginning to the great breakfast. Mimi's Cafe has a balanced menu of yummy sweet and … [Read more...]

Keeping Your New Years Resolutions!

Keeping your new year’s resolution can be.... no... IS tough. I did not make firm resolutions for the two last years since I am in a “constant state of improving oneself.” Oh please. I’m going to get real here and hold myself accountable. I have … [Read more...]

Find a FREE Workout for Your Lifestyle!

The holidays are coming up and now is the time to prevent the extra pounds from coming on! This weather is commanding my body to sleep more and is definitely messing with my workout routine. Luckily I found this website from Self.com. I used to rip … [Read more...]

Cool deal and FREEBIE at Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria's Secret has some pretty cool offer codes now!! If you buy online, now is the time!! Here is my favorite offer code and purchase combo. Thermal Henley Sweater on SALE for $29.99 plus 3 free lip glosses (retail value of $21) with a … [Read more...]

Rockin’ Weekend in Vegas for Under $100!!!

With some team work, I was able to go to Vegas for under $120, that included gambling, seeing one of my favorite DJ's at the Marquee, dinner at a Brazilian BBQ Restaurant, transportation, drinks, 2 taxi rides, and my room! SAY WHAT?? Typically, when … [Read more...]