How to Organize a Jewelry Box / Cabinet

I promised myself that I would simply my life in 2012. I wanted to apply this principle to all aspects of my life. But for now, organizing my home and purging clutter will do. I am finally at the point in my womanhood where less is more. Correction, … [Read more...]

How to Organize Your Bathroom!

I've been missing in action this month due to "me time", three birthday parties, a surprise party, a bridal shower, and a bridal dinner. I was heavily involved with these events for the past two weeks.  Prior to that, "me time" entailed getting … [Read more...]

Grilling for Girls- Beer Can Chicken Method

This year was the first time I heard of the beer can chicken method. It requires a contraption (found at any grill store and Home Depot) that holds a beer can and a whole chicken in place. Once you place it on the grill, the steam from the beer … [Read more...]