OOTD – Spring Love

It took a while for me to become a fan of bright colors and spring fashion. This would be the first year that I absolutely LOVE spring fashion. I usually like dark colors... but it feels great to break out of my shell and use more color. Maybe that … [Read more...]

Last Minute, Low Cost Halloween Costumes!

Where did October go? Seriously?! Well, if you find yourself scrambling for a Halloween costume, don't feel too bad. Often, I find that the best costumes are the ones that aren't store-bought. Use your procrastination to your advantage and check out … [Read more...]

Great Home Cooking for Under $10

Eating on a dime doesn't mean you have to eat fast food or Top Ramen. Not that there is anything wrong with Top Ramen, but you get my point. You can still get down with the home cooking and have a tasty and hearty meal. I found these wonderful … [Read more...]