Cheap Magazine Subscriptions

I am a fan of fashion and home magazines. I love scoring on great deals for physical magazines! Check out this awesome selection of magazines for 80% off the shelf price! I am eyeballing Allure, Glamour and Vogue right now. Cheap magazine … [Read more...]

Find a FREE Workout for Your Lifestyle!

The holidays are coming up and now is the time to prevent the extra pounds from coming on! This weather is commanding my body to sleep more and is definitely messing with my workout routine. Luckily I found this website from I used to rip … [Read more...]

Give Your Old School Make-up a Modern Twist!

Neglected some of your make-up? You know, some colors that are too bold or crazy for regular wear? I know the feeling I have a "special" bin for the forgotten about make-up. Well, it's a good thing that we hung on to them because some old favorites … [Read more...]

Nail Care and Repair After Acrylics

I recently took off my artificial nails. I decided it was time to let my real keratin breathe! Plus, I want to be in control of when I change the color of my nails. Oh yes, and I'm saving money to go to Belize next year while I am at it! Needless to … [Read more...]